JBoss Fuse on a raspberry pi 3

I was looking for a small server to run my personal fuse installation on. After a quick search I found the raspberry Pi as a likely candidate. A cheap and energy efficient device. Although it runs on an ARM processor you can run a (ARM) JDK on it. Which allows you to run a Jboss server and thus a Fuse server.

First install an operating system on your Pi. I chose Raspbian (lite), because of its simplicity and the fact that is a Debian distro, which I like. You can get the latest here. Installing it is simple and the site provides a good installation guide.

After the installation you want to add an usb drive or an external HDD. The SD is required for the installation of your OS but it is not wise to install the rest of your software on the SD card. More information about this can be found here. Make sure that your drive is correctly formatted (for example ext4). Check the location of your drive and (auto) mount it via editing fstab.

sudo fdisk –l 
sudo vi /etc/fstab
/dev/sda1		/apps		ext4	user,exec	0	1

After rebooting your pi confirm that the mount has succeeded. When you run “mount -l” you should see the “/dev/sda1/” mounted on the “/apps” location. Change the access rights to the directory with “sudo chown pi:pi /apps”. Note that if you made a mistake you can no longer reach your pi with ssh. It will be started in “safe mode”. You have to access the pi directly and fix the problem.

Now you are all set up to install the JDK and Fuse. Because the raspberry pi has an ARM processer you cannot install the usual JDK. You have to install one for the ARM processor, you can find the installer here.

The installation is quite straightforward, after you have unzipped the JDK you have to set the java version. This can be done in the .profile file.

vi ~/.profile
export JAVA_HOME=<locatie>
export PATH=$PATH:$JAVA_HOME/bin

Conferm that java is working (java –version).

Install the fuse server (installation guide).

The last step is simple, start the fuse server. Mind that it will take a while before it is started, especially the first time.