Dirk Janssen

Proces- & Systeemintegratie specialist

Dirk Janssen is een gedreven Proces integratie specialist. Hij heeft uitgebreide ervaring met het ontwerpen, bouwen en beheren van processen en services. Daarnaast heeft Dirk kennis en ervaring met het inrichten van Continuous Integration en Delivery. Met zijn open manier van communiceren en zijn gedreven houding zoekt hij, samen met de klant, altijd naar de best mogelijke oplossing.

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Protected: Signatures

At the moment, one of the hot topics in the world of Development is Zero Trust. This is an easy topic to explain: never trust and always verify. Before doing…

10 september, 2021

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Securing some SOAP

Recently, I had to implement a Soap Service. Nothing special, I just hadn’t done it in a while and was amazed at how easy it has become. Using some code…

31 augustus, 2021

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Getting started with Quarkus

The last couple of years I have worked and experimented a lot with injection frameworks. New frameworks like Micronaut and Quarkus in my personal environment, while professionally working primarily with…

15 april, 2021

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Quarkus and Apache Camel

One of the biggest arguments against Java that is always coming up in discussions is the fact that it is bloated. In comparison to some other (newer) languages I always…

9 juni, 2020

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Server-sent Events

Lately I have been working as a full stack developer, I have been working on an Angular front end in combination with some Spring-Boot backend services. Very hip and trendy…

18 mei, 2020

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IoT Integration with NodeRed

In my last posts I  wrote about Nomad as my ideal container orchestration home-server. Specifically about how to install it, and how to create and run a job. For my…

6 mei, 2020

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Nomad – How to create a new Job

In my previous posts, I have already explained why I chose nomad and how I installed it on my server. In the next post I will answer the question: “How…

30 april, 2020

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Nomad Setup

In my previous post I talked about why I’m going for Nomad instead of any other cool container orchestration platform. In this post I will be showing you how I…

21 april, 2020

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DIY Distributed HomeServer

Now that the Social Isolation is in full effect, I find myself with some extra time on my hands. Instead of watching Netflix/Disney+/Prime I decided to migrate my Home Automation…

27 maart, 2020

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MongoDB – Getting the latest item

Lately I have had the pleasure of working with a mongoDB. It´s a nice database with a relatively easy to learn syntax. You can see why it is one of…

22 april, 2019

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Graal – The new JIT on the block

In order for your java code to actually run, you first have to compile your code. By running the javac command you can easily do this. The sourcecode is transformed…

19 april, 2019

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One VM to Rule them All

Why GraalVM is currently one of the hottest Java topics In 2013, Oracle labs came with a scientific article named “One VM to Rule Them All”. In this article they…

12 april, 2019

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Getting a File from the resource directory

In every project that I start I’m always fussing with getting a file from the classpath when testing some code. For example, when I have to get an XML file…

18 maart, 2019

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Kerberos with camel-hdfs2

Recently I had to connect to a Hadoop cluster with Camel. If you do a quick search you will see a nice hdfs2 component that you can use. Obviously I…

1 maart, 2019

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The threat of the content-enricher

Have you ever had that one piece of code that kept coming back and not because it was working like a charm? I had to implement a Managed File Transfer…

29 november, 2018

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Large files, multiple destinations

When using SFTP you can transport large files to a single destination without ever loading it in memory. Simply turn on the streamdownload and you are good to go. For…

12 oktober, 2018

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Ubuntu 18.04 – No WiFi adapter found

Skip to the final bit for the answer when you are in dire need of Internet on your new Ubuntu 18.04 installation. One of the latest trends in the laptop…

16 september, 2018

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Part 3 – Enter ReactiveX

In my previous post I showed you how to call Rest APIs using the vertx Webclient. Now the end code looked a bit messy with a lot of “if then…

28 augustus, 2018

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Part 2 Calling another API

Now that we have create a restful interface in part 1 we can start adding some logic to the API. First, we need some data, we need to know at…

18 juli, 2018

Techblog Architectuur

Reactive Microservices

Microservices are a hot topic these days. A lot has been written about them and a lot of people and companies have started building them. Some say they the concept…

18 maart, 2018