Errors on compilation of composite with Maven plugins

After successfully getting the Oracle SOA Maven Plugins into your Maven Repository, it’s time to use them!

So, you create a new SOA Project or mavenize an existing one, navigate to that folder and execute the following command:

mvn clean compile

Or is it?

Even though it shows a success, there’s a bunch of ‘SEVERE’ warnings above it, indicating that several things cannot be found, amongst which are the quite important ‘com.collaxa.cube’ and even ‘’. That can’t be good!

Luckily, Oracle has a few handy notes on this: ID 2050971.1 and ID 2112178.1. They basically say: it doesn’t work under the base install for Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3. Please apply a patch,  and then it’ll work.

You’ll actually need at least two patches for this: 22458016 which is the actual fix, and SOA Bundle Patch, a.k.a. 22524811.
So, download those, get your OPatch opatching and reiterate the steps in this blog post to publish the modified plugins to the repository of your choice.

After this, update your local Maven cache and you’re all set to go!
Happy compiling!