Maarten is een ervaren consultant op het (keten-) integratiegebied met gedegen kennis van de Oracle integratieoplossingen. Maarten is integratie architect met de focus op continue voortbrengingsprocessen en provisioning. Uiteraard werkt hij vanuit een uitstekende technische basis, waar hij zelfs in zijn vrije tijd als fervent ontwikkelaar aan blijft werken. Een analytisch sterke doorzetter die goed functioneert in teamverband is een omschrijving die hem goed past. Mede door persoonlijke interesses zijn Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, SOA en Ketenintegratie zijn belangrijkste aandachtsgebieden.

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OpenShift CLI oneliners to get your containers started quickly

Configuring assets in your OpenShift namespace usually involves a lot of clicking and typing in the GUI. For some, it involves juggling massive yaml files containing the same information, but…

5 juli, 2022

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Jenkins + OpenShift: running custom Jenkins agents to perform your work

Working with a managed Kubernetes solution like OpenShift is really a mixed bag of emotions. It’s a great blessing as a lot of the regular infrastructure like hosts, scaling, load…

21 september, 2021

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The accidental monolith

It is one of those current buzzwords, next to agile, cloud and containers: microservices. Hyped by Gartner and “mister Service Oriented Architecture” Thomas Erl, this new way of creating business…

9 december, 2019

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Jenkins: Working with Credentials in your pipeline

Security is mandatory, and should always have been, so eventually, you’ll run into the requirement of having to pass credentials to a system in your pipelines. It could be you…

3 juni, 2019

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Jenkins: Testing conditional logic for stages in your pipeline

Some steps in your development or release process can only be executed when the conditions are right. An example of this is that releases to Production can only be done…

27 mei, 2019

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Jenkins: Testing with post conditions in your pipeline

The behaviour of your pipeline can be much more complex than the simple success/failure flow shown in the previous blog post. The Jenkins declarative pipeline syntax has a lot more…

20 mei, 2019

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Jenkins: Validating the behaviour of your pipeline

The recent posts on this blog about Jenkins have been preparing us for this: validation of the behaviour of your Jenkins Pipeline in a test, in order to be able to check what the impact is of any changes you make to this pipeline, before it lands on your live instance and possibly influences the teams that are working with it…

13 mei, 2019

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Jenkins: Testing a full declarative pipeline in your Shared Library

In the previous posts, I’ve shown how to set up your Jenkins Shared Library, create Custom Pipeline Steps in it, set up the test frameworks, run complete pipelines from your…

6 mei, 2019

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Jenkins: Preparing your Shared Library for tests

After explaining how to set up your Shared Library, how to build it and how to run complete pipelines from this Library, it is time to create tests for the…

29 april, 2019

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Jenkins: Running a declarative pipeline from your Shared Library

As shown in the previous blog post, Jenkins enables you to write your own pipeline code, which can be shared among all pipelines in your Jenkins instance. This post is…

22 april, 2019

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Jenkins: Creating a custom pipeline step in your library

Pipelines in Jenkins, especially the declarative kind, can be very powerful and expressive at the same time. As a caveat, it is also very easy to get overly verbose by…

15 april, 2019

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Jenkins: Using Gradle to build your Shared Library

Being able to test your Jenkins pipeline Shared Library code, and therefore minimising the risk of pushing new pipelines or functionality to your Production instance, is vital for organisations using…

8 april, 2019

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Jenkins: Setting up a Shared Library for your pipelines

When you’re using a system with multiple teams/users, there is always a trade off between having a shared codebase and the ability to override certain parts for a specific need….

1 april, 2019

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Starting your VM in VirtualBox in Headless Mode by default

Every now and then, I try to save myself a few clicks by trying to get a tool to behave in the way I prefer. Most of the time I…

21 januari, 2019

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MyST: How to get a CLI model from MyST Studio

The work horse for provisioning OFMW domains with MyST Studio is the MyST Agent. When there is something to be executed on hosts, it is the MyST Agent performing that…

31 december, 2018

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MyST: Diving deep into the product

Sometimes, you need to dig a little deeper into the product you’re working with in order to solve an issue you are facing, or to find out more about how…

24 december, 2018

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MyST: Setting EJB transaction timeouts on SOA/BPM domain

Working with the Oracle SOA Suite or Oracle BPM Suite sometimes necessitates setting timeout settings to get all components of your solution to play along nicely. Not all timeout settings…

17 december, 2018

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MyST: Honoring Oracle Managed Files on your FMW Repository

Some DBA’s are more fussy than others, and very much like to see things being done the correct way. Their way. As it has been done for ever. This post…

10 december, 2018

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MyST: How to skip execution of an action

We all love a product that tries to get the user to focus on the important things, by computing stuff in advance. There are certain situations where you want Rubicon…

3 december, 2018

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MyST: How to set MBeans on WLS domain

Tuning your Oracle Fusion Middleware Domain is something every WLS administrator dreads but knows has to be done. The majority of tuning is done through modifying values of MBeans in…

26 november, 2018