Calling a Soap Service with camel

Invoking a SOAP service in Fuse (camel) is similar to exposing a SOAP service. The first steps are the same, you have to create a CXF endpoint. This is explained in full in this blogpost.

You first generate the source classes based on the WSDL. After that you register it as a CXF endpoint in (in my case) the blueprint file of your project. The main difference is that you need to specify the address / endpoint of service.

<cxf:cxfEndpoint id="newOrderEndpoint"  

Calling the service from your route can be done by simply setting the CXF endpoint in your “to” statement.


If you would now call the service, CXF would choose the first operation in the WDSL. So we have to tell CXF which operation it needs to call. This is done by setting the header “OperationName”. This header will tell CXF to call the operation you want.

.setHeader("OperationName", simple("getTheSpecialOrder"))

The last part is creating the body for the request message. One way to do this is in a processor. In my case the code looks like this:

ObjectFactory objFac = new ObjectFactory();
GetTheSpecialOrderRequest requestMsg = objFac.createGetTheSpecialOrderRequest();

If everything is set correctly you should be able to call the service. In order to test it properly I created a mockserver in SoapUI. Which is included in the sources of this project (project sources).