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Data Science without Python, is it possible?

A Comparison of Modern Alternatives for Python in the World of Data Science Python is the go-to programming language for data science … for now. With tremendous growth in other…

Wieneke Gulden
25 januari, 2022

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DIY: Routing engine powered by Open Data

How to route your ‘Bossche Bol’ to Maastricht with a Docker container Have you ever run over the maximum number of queries in your Google Maps API key? Do you want to get…

Rafael Caroprese
12 november, 2020

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Edge AI Computing with Coral Edge TPU — unboxing review and performance benchmark by axonX hackathon

At Rubix as part of one of the innovation teams, axonX has been involved in several IoT/streaming data projects over the last couple of years. More recently, this has led…

Bas van Oudenaarde
24 augustus, 2020