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ActiveMQ DLQ use OriginalDestination in Camel

Ah the DLQ, the place where messages go to die. When messages end up in the DLQ (Dead letter queue) of ActiveMQ they receive an additional message header with the…

31 juli, 2015

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JBoss Fuse 6.2 a first look at the http gateway

Tech preview in 6.1 the http gateway for Fuse fabric is in full support in JBoss Fuse 6.2. The http gateway (and mq gateway for ActiveMQ) offers a gateway for…

18 juli, 2015

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JBoss Fuse 6.2 – a first look at the data transformation mapper

JBoss Fuse 6.2 is just release and one of the new exiting features is the new, graphical, data transformation component. And although still in tech preview phase I got curious…

5 juli, 2015

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JBoss Fuse, CXF, Could not load keystore resource

I was recently tasked with enabling TLS on a CXF webservice hosted on JBoss Fuse. Since it was the first time I actually needed to enable the TLS within JBoss…

23 juni, 2015

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JBoss Fuse Fabric port ranges… oh my…

Recently I had an opportunity for a customer to sort out some of the interconnectivity required between servers for a JBoss Fuse Fabric HA ensemble. Obviously when connecting multiple servers…

26 april, 2015

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Fabric load balancer for CXF – Part 2

In part 1 we explored the possibility to use Fabric as a load balancer for multiple CXF http endpoints and had a more detailed look at how to implement the…

16 maart, 2015

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Fabric load balancer for CXF – Part 1

Sticking with the recent CXF themes of this blog in this 2 part series we will explore the combination of CXF http endpoints and Fuse Fabric for autodiscovery and load…

26 februari, 2015

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Exploring the SimpleConsumer and Default Camel CXFRS binding styles

When exposing your Camel route as a Rest service using CXFRS there has to be a translation from the CXFRS message to the Camel exchange. This translation is covered in…

6 februari, 2015

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Fuse Fabric MQ provision exception

When using the discovery endpoint to connect to a master slave ActiveMQ cluster I ran into an error. It is worth to note that this exception is not caused by…

24 december, 2014

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Implementing a CXFRS client in JBoss Fuse

Apache CXF is a part of JBoss Fuse, so is Apache Camel. In this blog post we are going to implement a rest client in CXFRS and Camel. Note, you…

1 december, 2014

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Writing a Camel eventnotifier

There are numerous logging and monitoring options available in Apache Camel. The most obvious being the Log component and Log EIP. However, a sometimes more overlooked option is…

27 oktober, 2014

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Deploying a Jboss Fuse project into a fabric8 container with maven

One of the great features of Jboss Fuse and the underlying Apache Camel is that it can be deployed virtually anywhere. However one of the runtime possibilities that comes out…

10 oktober, 2014

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JMS request response patterns with TIBCO BusinessWorks and EMS

When using JMS for synchronous request response messaging there are some options and standards to consider. In this post I will explain the two most common patters for synchronous request…

1 oktober, 2014

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Stopping a fabric container after ‘container has not been created by fabric’ error message

When creating a new fabric sometimes there are still containers running in the background of the old fabric. These can cause conflicts with the ‘new’ containers. Especially when using the…

20 september, 2014

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Terminate failed in JBDS

When running my Fuse projects from within JBDS it sometimes happened the process wont terminate properly. When this occurs the error message ‘Terminate Failed’ pops up. And even though most…

18 september, 2014

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TIBCO BusinessWorks Receiving a http 500 status code in a one-way operation Soap service

In a project using TIBCO BusinessWorks we had to call a webservice with a one-way operation (this means only a request message is defined in the operation in the WSDL)…

17 september, 2014