Jan van Zoggel

Cloud Native Solution Architect

Jan is een ervaren consultant met een brede achtergrond in zowel software ontwikkeling als infrastructuur. De laatste jaren veel ervaring met full stack (Oracle/Red Hat/Java & Node/TypeScript) software architectuur inclusief continuous integration/deployment en Infra-As-Code. De laatste jaren heeft hij zijn aandacht verlegd naar zowel de public als private cloud met bijbehorende concepten als cloud native, cloud platform adoption en cloud application modernization & migration. Zijn primaire focus en certificering ligt op het Amazon (AWS) platform, maar Jan volgt ook het aanbod van de andere grote public cloud platformen. Hij heeft uitgebreide ervaring met betrekking tot voortbrenging, beheer, bouw & ontwerp. Daarnaast is Jan werkzaam als trainer, auteur voor Packt Publishing en heeft hij zijn eigen blog. Jan typeert zich door zijn no-nonsense instelling, is in staat complexiteit snel te doorgronden en beweegt zich makkelijk in een organisatie.

Techblog Blogs

How to determine your AWS Lambda@Edge regions and find your CloudWatch logs

You must review AWS CloudWatch log files in the correct region to see the log files created when CloudFront executed your Lambda function. I found this very usefull bash AWS…

25 oktober, 2018

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How to configure AWS Lambda functions to use a outbound fixed ip

For our Serverless project running on AWS infrastructure we needed an outbound Lambda API call to a SaaS platform which demands a whitelist of the source IP addresses. Which is…

1 oktober, 2018

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How to fix Git error ‘invalid active developer path’ after MacOS update

After upgrading to macOS Mojave,  I tried running GIT from Terminal or IDE but it kept giving the following error: xcrun: error: invalid active developer path (/Library/Developer/CommandLineTools), missing xcrun at:…

27 september, 2018

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How to use multiple resources definitions in the Serverless Framework

In other Serverless projects we use a single resource definition to include AWS CloudFormation scripts in our build/deploy. Where the resource file contained component definitions like DDBTable: in the root….

7 september, 2018

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Example AWS CloudFormation template for network load balancer

We needed a public network load balancer with SSL (through AWS Certificate Manager) and took me some retry’s to get it right since most examples are based upon the classic…

29 augustus, 2018

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How to share values between seperated AWS CloudFormation stacks

In AWS CloudFormation templates you often have the need to make a reference to an earlier created component. For instance the unique ID of a vpc, subnet, security group or instance. You…

28 augustus, 2018

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Using CloudFormation to bootstrap EC2 instances with scripts from CodeCommit

While spinning up EC2 instances you can bootstrap them with packages, files, etc in different ways. For our stack we wanted to pull scripts from an AWS CodeCommit to make…

26 augustus, 2018

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AWS CloudFormation error “The parameter groupName cannot be used with the parameter subnet”

When trying to start some EC2 instance through CloudFormation I kept getting the error “The parameter groupName cannot be used with the parameter subnet”.   The (YAML) AWS CloudFormation looks something…

15 augustus, 2018

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How to install Azure CLI on MacOS

The Azure CLI 2.0 is Microsoft’s command line interface for managing Azure resources. First install the CLI through brew brew update && brew install azure-cli Then run the login command…

6 augustus, 2018

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How to connect to the CEPH Object Gateway S3 API with Java

We use a CEPH storage solution and specifically want to use the Ceph Object Gateway with the S3 API through a Java client. The API is based on the AWS…

3 juli, 2018

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How to dynamically generate XML Request in ReadyAPI / SOAPui ?

We have a functional test where we use a SOAP Request to start the processing of a couple files based on a URL in the request. For a negative test…

21 maart, 2018

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Problem with Spring Boot Starter Web and FasterXML Jackson dependency

While working with Spring Boot and developing a combined REST/JSON & SOAP/XML (not sexy, I know) API I was able to build & compile but on runtime I had this…

4 februari, 2018

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How to set the default Java version in IntelliJ IDE projects

When working in a Java environment with multiple developers using their own IDE preference I often get error like this opening a project with IntelliJ: “@Override is not allowed when…

16 januari, 2018

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How does communication between the 3Scale API Gateway and API Management Portal work ?

API Gateway communication The 3Scale API Gateway is a light-weight high-performance API Management Gateway. Since it can scale and recover easily with tools like vanilla Docker/Kubernetes or Openshift, new pods…

15 januari, 2018

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How to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in OpenShift ?

In my last blogpost I’ve shown how to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in a Docker container. The next step would be to run APICast in OpenShift (both are Red Hat…

11 december, 2017

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How to run the 3Scale APICast Gateway in a Docker container ?

With the rise of API popularity and the necessity for decent API Management some relatively new players emerged. And by know almost all are acquired by bigger fish in the software…

28 november, 2017

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How to install and run OpenShift Origin on your Mac OS X ?

Installing OpenShift Origin on OS X The easiest way to install (many software) on your OS X machine is through Homebrew. So let’s try that! 🙂 brew update brew install openshift-cli…

21 augustus, 2017

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How to restore your NEM NanoWallet ?

Introduction If you lose your NEM Nano Wallet configuration in your client due to any reason (system crash, accidentally purge, etc.) there is still an easy way to restore your client…

14 juni, 2017

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What is the NEM blockchain ?

Origin and concept The idea of NEM started on the Bitcointalk.org forum where the initial plan was to improve Nxt. The concept of Nxt was more than currency and contains…

13 juni, 2017

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How to push to AWS CodeCommit from Mac OS X

When trying to commit to a AWS CodeCommit GIT repository I receive the following error: jvzoggel$ git push fatal: unable to access ‘https://git-codecommit.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/v1/repos/myProject/’: The requested URL returned error: 403 The…

18 februari, 2017