Coert van den Thillart

Solution Architect

Coert is een gedreven systeem integratie specialist en solution architect met jarenlange ervaring op het gebied van analyse, ontwerp, ontwikkeling en architectuur. Coert heeft naast systeem integratie ook uitstapjes gemaakt naar verschillende aangrenzende gebieden zoals mobile development en continuous delivery. Coert is analytisch zeer sterk, communicatief vaardig en een probleemoplosser pur sang.

Techblog Architectuur

Migrating logic in a serverless world

One of my gripes with the technological developments over the past couple of years is that the names that have been bestowed upon them have not been great. Microservices seem…

20 december, 2019

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De Kabouter Wesley methode

Usually I blog in English, but as the topic of this blog is quite specific for the Dutch language, I simply need to write this in my native tongue. My…

29 oktober, 2019

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Resubmitting JSON payloads from XML

Logging stuff is a good practice. It can even save your behind if things go wrong. However, sometimes the stuff you log isn’t directly usable. If you work with TIBCO…

28 oktober, 2019

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A Tale of Castles & Towers

By now, we can safely say the hype surrounding microservices has died down and microservices are here to stay. When you read about microservices you might get the impression they…

8 januari, 2019

Techblog Architectuur

Integrating the trends in integration

System Integration, like IT in general, is an ever changing landscape. With new technologies, paradigms and views emerging over time. The last couple of years this rate of change seems…

15 februari, 2018

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Microservices, back to SOA basics?

Microservices are all the craze right now and have been for some time. But with the dust settling, the architectural style seems to be taking shape. With that happening the benefits…

9 september, 2016

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it or fix it before it breaks?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Somewhere in organization X there is this piece of legacy code that is quite business critical. It is very old and probably…

13 april, 2016