Inside Data Analytics - Any modern battle: Speed vs Bulk

If you are interested in the pure power of modern Data Analytics, you don't want to miss this webinar!

In this virtual event we showed you the sheer power of modern Data Analytics. We got a tour behind the scenes of a professional racing team to see the potential of processing and using real-time data of speeds of over 300 km/h and massive G-forces in the tight corners of a circuit.
We then shifted our focus to the large bulk carriers of SMT Shipping, which transport any material and products imaginable from one continent to another. Though not being fast or flashy, the prominent and fast evolving role of data in this domain is equally exciting to learn about. In this case, the versatility of Data Analytics is strikingly evident and you’ll discover it’s translatable to almost any organisation in any field.

If you’re passionate about data and want to stay up-to-date about the newest developments and insights, you will want to watch the replay of this webinar!

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Racing Case
Machiel Jacobs & Mark Bloomfield (TIBCO)

Machiel and Mark from TIBCO will present a cutting edge case about the pinnacle of motorsport. They take you  behind the scenes of a professional racing team that operationalized turning data into insights that informs car design, race strategy, and driver performance.

Speed of data analysis and adaptability quickly translate into vital information. Data is the competitive advantage, fueling innovation and providing the best solutions for both constructing and racing.

This racing league is probably the most competitive, technology-intensive sport in the world. To achieve continuous success and keep competitors at bay, teams must expertly wrangle the volume, variety, and velocity of their data and turn it into a competitive advantage that fuels innovation. In this session TIBCO will share some of the challenges that have been overcome and how the TIBCO Connected Intelligence Platform helps the presented team to remain in pole position.

SMT Shipping
Marcel Heijnsbroek (SMT Shipping) & Eric Hans van Wingerden (Rubix)

The growing pains any successful organization will recognize: the implementation of siloed applications to solve burning issues. But, getting reports, indicators and analyses out of them AND combining those into manageable information, turned out to be a lot of work. Too much work, actually, because SMT Shippings data comes from all over the world, and both from on-premises and cloud based. A true forest of Excel sheets was the result. SMT Shipping asked ilionx (ex-Rubix) to take a closer look and do a PoC to simplify the analytical processes, and meanwhile improve the data quality. Now, some months down this joint voyage, the first steps towards more mature analytics become evident, and are definitely worth sharing!