Wouter de Vries

Proces integratie specialist

Wouter is een flexibele en analytisch sterke Proces Integratie Specialist. Hij heeft meer dan 10 jaar ervaring op het gebied van Enterprise Applicatie Integratie, Business Proces Modellering en Informatie Analyse. Wouter excelleert op het vlak tussen business en IT in de vertaling van bedrijfseisen naar functionele specificaties en het optimaliseren van processen. Zijn motto is het begrijpelijk maken van complexe materie, waar hij door zijn technische basis en zijn ‘zachte skills’ uitermate goed in slaagt.

Techblog Architectuur

Popping Bubbles: Service Oriented Architecture

First, a wave to the crowd Before we begin, we need to have a serious talk. Somehow, whenever we use the abbreviation SOA in relation to IT in the presence…

18 oktober, 2021

Techblog Architectuur

Principles and Patterns, the Pillars and Plastering of SOA

This post is part of my Popping Bubbles series. If you’re new to the series, you should really start at the beginning. If you don’t have that much time, here’s…

3 april, 2020

Techblog Architectuur

Popping Bubbles: CDM in practice

This is part two of the two-parter about CDM. In part one we covered the theory of CDM. In this post we’ll get our hands dirty (and our brains as…

31 oktober, 2019

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Popping Bubbles: communicating between silos using a CDM

Does this discussion sound familiar? “…” “But an employee can also be a customer!” “True, so we would need something like ‘Person’ to capture the commonalities.” “OK, so email should…

24 oktober, 2019

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Popping bubbles: adding a BPM layer on top of the silos

In the previous post we started connecting all our company’s systems using EAI. So, here we are, all our systems are now connected. (<sarcasm=on>You wish!<sarcasm=off> It would be nice though,…

11 september, 2019

Techblog Architectuur

Popping bubbles: bridging silos using EAI

In my previous bubbles post I explained about silos and why it’s important to “pop them bubbles”. I will continue the history where I left off, with the introduction of…

29 juli, 2019

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Popping bubbles: about silos

I’ve started about 3 concept posts by now and I got stuck in each of them because I had to explain about silos. And when I start to explain about…

21 februari, 2019

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How to get SOA Governance to the right level?

SOA Governance, or any other type of governance, is and has always been one of the least sexy topics in IT. It’s right there alongside testing, operations and the helpdesk….

29 januari, 2019