Joshua Moesa

Systeem integratie specialist

Joshua is een veelzijdig Systeem Integratie Specialist. Hij is een ervaren ontwikkelaar en ontwerper met grote interesse in de menselijke aspecten van software ontwikkeling. Complexe enterprise applicatie architectuur vindt hij fascinerend en blijkt vaak een reflectie van de mensen die daar gebruik van maken. De kunst die hij zich continu eigen probeert te maken, is het begrijpen van de verhalen en intenties achter de systemen binnen de architectuur kaders. Zo creëert hij meerwaarde met oplossingen die aansluiten op de wensen van opdrachtgevers en klanten

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Howto set TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) environment variables in AWS Fargate

AWS Fargate is a compute engine for Amazon ECS that allows you to run BWCE containers without having to manage servers or clusters. A quick howto on deploying BWCE applications…

13 november, 2019

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Deploy a TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE) application to Amazon’s cloud platform AWS Fargate

This article explains how to deploy applications, built with TIBCO’s containerization offering TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition (BWCE), to Amazon’s cloud platform AWS Fargate. Introduction When you want to launch a container on AWS…

12 juli, 2019

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How to configure Amazon API Gateway as a SOAP webservice passthrough in minutes

Amazon API Gateway is a fully managed service that makes it easy for developers to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure REST/HTTP-style APIs at any scale. Unfortunately, there’s no clear…

14 juni, 2017

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Process large amounts of Elasticsearch data using TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5

Sometimes you want to create a longitudinal study of patterns in your Elasticsearch data and you want to analyze the entire event stream matching your criteria. The scroll API provides…

20 november, 2016

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Storing XML documents in ElasticSearch using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5x

When you need a fast and simple solution to store your XML documents, ElasticSearch is there to help. Elasticsearch is a distributed, open source search and analytics engine, designed for horizontal…

17 augustus, 2016

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Invoking a OAuth2 REST API with the TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x plug-in for REST and JSON

In this post I will show you some pointers on how to invoke a OAuth2.0 REST service with the TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks plug-in for REST and JSON plugged into TIBCOActiveMatrix…

10 januari, 2016

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Dynamic SQL and TIBCO BusinessWorks

In the field, I’ve seen a multitude of TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x solutions where the SQLDirect activity is used for running SQL statements which are created dynamically. I’ve mainly come across…

23 juli, 2015

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TIBCO BusinessWorks remote deployment using DomainUtility or AppManage

This is a guest post from RubiX colleague Maarten van Alphen, Systems Integration Specialist with extensive kowledge and experience with TIBCO software. Check out his profile for more information. For our…

9 april, 2015

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How to fix “Bundled JRE is not binary compatible with host OS/Arch or it is corrupt. Testing bundled JRE failed.” error while installing TIBCO EMS 8.1 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bits

During the installation of EMS 8.1 in console mode on Ubuntu 14.04, I encountered an error that you typically get when you’re trying to run 32-bit executable files in a…

21 maart, 2015

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How to solve the TIBCO Silver Fabric issue: engine stuck on status ‘allocating’

After installing the 64-bit distributions of TIBCO Silver Fabric on my Windows 7 machine, I encountered an error when I started up a Stack containing components Administrator and BusinessWorks (from…

17 maart, 2015